Welcome to The Business of Personal Training site. Throughout my career as a personal trainer and fitness club manager that has lasted over 40 years, I’ve realized that one of the biggest reasons for personal trainers perpetually struggling to build their client base is their lack of understanding of the business side of, well, their business.

While I have been educating personal trainers for most of my career, the earlier years were spent teaching principles of strength and conditioning. However, once I saw that the greatest need was in the area of business, I changed my educational focus there. For the last 10+ years, I have read over 100 books, tons of articles, watched videos, and attended business conferences all to gain business expertise so that I could pass that information on to other personal trainers. I wrote The Business of Personal Training for Human Kinetics (2018) and have now launched this site to be able to help even more of the personal training community.

Sincerely, Mark A Nutting

*This site has been put on hold while I create an educational product for fitness professionals, managers, and owners. Please hang in there. My business blog can be found at marknutting.com.